Box 2 in the pile of mysteries was a slight improvement over the first box. It was however all Baseball, and unless there was some oddballs I wanted or some O-Pee-Chee the best I could hope for is some more trade fodder.

It started out with a massive pile of 1991 Upper Deck. Over 1600 cards going straight into the dead pile (minus a couple of Chipper Jones RC’s)


If there is someone out there collecting 1991 Upper Deck and still missing a card I’d love to send you a few 🙂

I’m not a super baseball collector so I’m not sure what is collectible or hot, but these were the interesting ones that made the cut to the Trade pile.

Some Panini, Topps Attax and Leaf Babe Ruth…


And about 20 Topps Heritage.


If you want to see a copy of the complete trade list I have in excel form, just ask. 🙂

2017 has started and with I my first miscellaneous mystery box(es) pick up.

It looks like this to start..img_2020

All that wonderful goodness hidden in those boxes. Basically I bought it because it had a few hundred OPC Hockey cards I was interested in. Everything else was just extra stuff that I can go to to add to my “Not Actively Collecting”, “Traders” or “Dead” lists.

I think most people have a “Not Actively Collecting” section. These are cards that you wouldn’t necessarily purchase, you’re not really trying to complete the set but you keep adding to it it by osmosis. I keep a list of these card sets, but I don’t pursue them. If i add a few as collateral to a purchase then I’m happy.

So what was in this pile of loveliness? Well I’m going to take my time and do one box/binder at a time so I don’t race through. This will keep me (haha) from spending more and buying more until this pile is processed.

This weekend past was box 1

A box of true junk was made up almost exclusively of Upper Deck 1991-92 . Now these are definitely on my NAC list. There were a total of 1866 cards. I’m missing about 10 for the set, so I thought my odds were good to get them. However, the entire lot was cards from 500-600. Including multiple copies (and I mean multiple!!) of each card in that range. Here pictured are 16 Peter Douris cards. Who needs that many Peter Douris? I mean his mom doesn’t need that many Peter Douris cards. This was only some of them. All told there were 56!!

So cards added to my collection 0, cards added to NAC 0, cards added to traders 0, cards added to dead pile 1866.



*The answer to the question in the title? Douris retired in 2002, in 11 NHL seasons he scored 54 goals and 67 assists for 121 points in 321 games, picking up 80 penalty minutes. Now, as a retired player, he is head coach of Vojens IK. (Thanks Wikipedia)


Generally I like variations. I don’t stress about there being too many of them, and I don’t beat myself up trying to get all of them. As a set builder I go for the main version first.

Most of the time the variation is in the border colour, or some special theme (bubble gum, playoff beards, different jerseys etc).

Here are the variations on the 2014-15 OPC Platinum Matt Duchene.


So the versions are upper body looking left and bit more upper body looking left.

Why bother as a variation??

Completing a set is great. Completing an insert set is even better. Completing an insert set from the 1970’s which includes variations is just pure joy.

The 1979-80 Topps Team Inserts is not listed under O-Pee-Chee but I remember them floating around north of the border. So I am including them on my master list/lifetime project to complete all O-Pee-Chee.

O-Pee-Chee seemed to be a year behind on inserts from the Topps hockey years (the glossy inserts of a few years before mirrored the Topps set of the year before that)

Very similar to the 1978-79 Topps Team Inserts it is very easy to get them confused. The best way to tell them apart is the copyright listed. If its 1979 it’s from 79-80, if its 1978 then from the year before (totes obvs eh!).

2 3 1


Note there are two variations of the Montreal Canadiens (one with Goalie and one with Score), as well the Penguins logo is an UER with the triangle upside down.
The back had an offer for a “personalized” card.

The insert set is complete.

Yay. That puts me at 52.72% of all O-Pee-Chee hockey cards issued during their existence (Pre Topps or Upper Deck Branding)

Classic OPC Run 16390 8640 52.72%

Last weekend was the Sports Card Expo in Toronto. Likely the biggest card show in Canada and definitely the biggest with a focus on Hockey around. I went with my nephew who is helping me collect cards and we picked up a few odds and ends.

The 1980-81 OPC Super Size is a set I’ve had on my want list for a while, but for some reason I just keep finding them at the same time as I find something else I want more. This time however I did pick up the most important card in the set on a bargain table.

Wayne Gretzky #7 of 24

Looking young, with his best seasons still in front of him.

The cards are plain and simple, just the name and picture on the front.


The back has name, team position and the OPC logo.


1 more card closer to the set.


When you pick up random boxes from people you never know what you are going to find. Of course there will be lots of Upper Deck and Donruss, but the weird and wonderful stuff is the most fun.

Like these. 1987 Detroit Tigers Coca-Cola Fold Out Things

I picked up 2 in the most recent box including  one that is unfolded and one that appears still sealed.

img_1838 img_1836 img_1837

Book 1 Includes Kirk Gibson, Larry Herdon and Walt Terrerll

Book 2 is Jack Morris, Mike Heath and Dave Bergman.

Cool Oddballs.