Upper Deck

The Wayner, The Great One, Ole 99. I still remember the final game like it was yesterday. Praise You by Fatboy Slim playing as you circled the ice one last time.

A classy way to retire, no season long farewell tour. Just an announcement and then poof gone a days later.

The 1999-2000 Upper Deck set. The last cards to picture your last season. (Although you still appear on many card sets to this day).

Started out the set with a 10 card mini subset. 9 cards picturing you as an Oiler (You’ll always be an Oiler despite what others think)

1 as a King (and you are the King).

Here are 6 of them.



Ok, these came out a few weeks ago, but I was in Ireland so I couldn’t get a pack until now.

I’ve read a bunch of other bloggers reviews which ran from “meh” to “great”.

Start with the pack.

Simply, classic design from UD. I wish OPC was stil their own Canadian company, but I guess it’s better to have the spirit live on then have it die out. Each year I wonder if it’s going to end which would both suck and also be a good thing for me as it would give my collection defined limits.

I actually bought 2 packs (each with 6 cards) and have combined the highlights here:

Commons: 4 per pack.

Not sure when Kovaklchuk started being a common. Also not sure if Quick continues playing the way he did in the playoffs that he will be a common for long.

The design is nice and simple and is how a Hockey Card should be. It does remind me of the Topps baseball set from 1973, so I guess there is not much new these days.

Obviously some small changes, but the dot with player logo is the same.


I think this is where the “meh” factor comes in. After the last few years of hits on these, this one is a miss.

Marquee Legends/Rookies:

Loved getting my favourite player Ray Bourque, but who the heck is the Marquee rookie?

Casey Cizikas? Seriously? What Marquee will he ever be on? Maybe Disney On Ice in Slovenia.

4th rnd? 92nd pick overall? How is that a star rookie? If he plays in the NHL at all it will be a shock. Stretching a bit to pad out this set aren’t we?

So that’s it. No 1 of 1’s or super short prints for me.  And 10 cards toward the set. Only 590 cards to go to complete the set.

Overall rating: Solid but ultimately bloated set that I’ll end up collecting.

PS. Anyone have a large number of commons to dump off on this set, I’m your man 🙂