Odds & Sods

A whole box of 1992-93 Fleer Ultra.

When stacked it looks like this….


img_2044Each one of those piles is 100 cards. So in total almost 2000 cards. I took out the 100 or so I needed for my “Not Actively Collecting” Collection. There was almost a complete series 1. Some one had left multiples (anywhere between 5 and 35) of each card up to #250 with the exception of Patrick Roy who was no where to be found.

I refuse to buy any missing cards on my NAC collection and hope to get them organically at some point in another lot.

It’s a pity though. The 92-93 Fleer Ultra set is actually quite nice. Clear good photos. I like the back (although I hate one year stats lines). If these had been produced in a normal year in a normal quantity I could see them holding some value. Unfortunately they came out during the junk wax era. Nice try Ultra.


Box 2 in the pile of mysteries was a slight improvement over the first box. It was however all Baseball, and unless there was some oddballs I wanted or some O-Pee-Chee the best I could hope for is some more trade fodder.

It started out with a massive pile of 1991 Upper Deck. Over 1600 cards going straight into the dead pile (minus a couple of Chipper Jones RC’s)


If there is someone out there collecting 1991 Upper Deck and still missing a card I’d love to send you a few 🙂

I’m not a super baseball collector so I’m not sure what is collectible or hot, but these were the interesting ones that made the cut to the Trade pile.

Some Panini, Topps Attax and Leaf Babe Ruth…


And about 20 Topps Heritage.


If you want to see a copy of the complete trade list I have in excel form, just ask. 🙂

Completing a set is great. Completing an insert set is even better. Completing an insert set from the 1970’s which includes variations is just pure joy.

The 1979-80 Topps Team Inserts is not listed under O-Pee-Chee but I remember them floating around north of the border. So I am including them on my master list/lifetime project to complete all O-Pee-Chee.

O-Pee-Chee seemed to be a year behind on inserts from the Topps hockey years (the glossy inserts of a few years before mirrored the Topps set of the year before that)

Very similar to the 1978-79 Topps Team Inserts it is very easy to get them confused. The best way to tell them apart is the copyright listed. If its 1979 it’s from 79-80, if its 1978 then from the year before (totes obvs eh!).

2 3 1


Note there are two variations of the Montreal Canadiens (one with Goalie and one with Score), as well the Penguins logo is an UER with the triangle upside down.
The back had an offer for a “personalized” card.

The insert set is complete.

Yay. That puts me at 52.72% of all O-Pee-Chee hockey cards issued during their existence (Pre Topps or Upper Deck Branding)

Classic OPC Run 16390 8640 52.72%

When you pick up random boxes from people you never know what you are going to find. Of course there will be lots of Upper Deck and Donruss, but the weird and wonderful stuff is the most fun.

Like these. 1987 Detroit Tigers Coca-Cola Fold Out Things

I picked up 2 in the most recent box including  one that is unfolded and one that appears still sealed.

img_1838 img_1836 img_1837

Book 1 Includes Kirk Gibson, Larry Herdon and Walt Terrerll

Book 2 is Jack Morris, Mike Heath and Dave Bergman.

Cool Oddballs.


It’s been a while. Life happens and I had to concentrate on self preservation first and cards second. But I’m back. I never really left but I couldn’t concentrate on my collecting. It was weird though as collecting has always been a constant for me and calmed me. Anyway. Enough of that. On to the good stuff.

Over my career collecting I have outlasted many friends and assimilated their collections or those of their friends and family. It’s worked out well as they know the cards are going to someone who appreciates them and I do the best to find those I don’t personally collect a good home.

Getting back into I acquired a 1/3 of a friends collection. Well really it was all their collection but 1/3 of their fathers. They got a bit and their sister and brother got a third.

She wanted to try to sell so I helped her price and she tried for a little while then gave up as people would lowball her or just want to pick the jewels out. After a few weeks she decided to just give em to me so that her dads collection would be appreciated. So far it has amounts to 40+ binders of 90s , a few box sets, and a lot of random stuff in boxes.

I love random boxes. Especially when they have stuff like this.


Vintage opc!!! My favourite. Opc baseball and hockey!

Along with the Cheevers and Mikita and Don Cherry RC (Topps though) was this well worn and loved beauty!


This card was played with. This card was carried in a back pocket. This card has a story to tell. This card is what collecting is all about to me.

Another Bobby Orr kind of day.


Similar, but different.

Go ahead Americans, eat your (somewhat) healthy Corn Flakes.

Up here we will eat ours covered in sugar and enjoy our Frosted Flakes. (Yes I know you have them too).

But in 1992 if you wanted to collect the Kellogs All-Stars in the USA you had to be slightly healthier.

The 10 card set contains the same players, but the difference is of course the branding on the front, and the write up on the back.  The text is the same (but shorter in English) and then repeated in French.