Food Issues

When you pick up random boxes from people you never know what you are going to find. Of course there will be lots of Upper Deck and Donruss, but the weird and wonderful stuff is the most fun.

Like these. 1987 Detroit Tigers Coca-Cola Fold Out Things

I picked up 2 in the most recent box including  one that is unfolded and one that appears still sealed.

img_1838 img_1836 img_1837

Book 1 Includes Kirk Gibson, Larry Herdon and Walt Terrerll

Book 2 is Jack Morris, Mike Heath and Dave Bergman.

Cool Oddballs.



Similar, but different.

Go ahead Americans, eat your (somewhat) healthy Corn Flakes.

Up here we will eat ours covered in sugar and enjoy our Frosted Flakes. (Yes I know you have them too).

But in 1992 if you wanted to collect the Kellogs All-Stars in the USA you had to be slightly healthier.

The 10 card set contains the same players, but the difference is of course the branding on the front, and the write up on the back.  The text is the same (but shorter in English) and then repeated in French.

In 1991 Post Cereal released a set of 30 MLBPA licensed cards. As they were not licensed by MLB they do not show the logos, however somewhat surprisingly they do show the full team names.

A set was issued for both the Canadian & American market with some differences.

USA Front

USA Back

Canadian Front – Note the bilingual title and team names.


Canadian Back – woohoo – another chance to learn some French.


The checklists are completely different. The Canadian checklist featuring 6 players from the Canadian teams (3 Blue Jays, 3 Expos), and the American version giving no love North of The Border and assuming there are no fans of those teams in the USA.

Canada gets Delino Deshields, Tim Wallach, Andres Galaragga, Kelly Gruber, Dave Steib, John Olerud which makes total sense. We also get for some reason Dave Magadan, Andre Dawson (likely do to the Expos connection), Eddie Murray , Benito Santiago, Glenn Davis, Robin Yount, Bobby Thigpen, Dave Winfield & Ozzie Smith exclusively in the Northern version.

In the USA instead you get Mark McGwire, Jose Cancesco, Vince Coleman, Darryl Strawberry, Greg Jefferies, Tony Gwynn, Ken Griffey Jr, Bobby Bonilla, Gary Sheffield, Ryne Sandberg, Barry Larkin, Jim Abbot, Mark Grace, Kevin Mitchell, Todd Zeile, Don Mattingly

Leaving Dave Justice, Will Clark , Sandy Alomar Jr., Lenny Dykstra, Roger Clemens, Chris Sabo, Nolan Ryan, Cal Ripken Jr., Barry Bonds, Cecil Fielder, George Brett, Rickey Henderson, Kirby Puckett, & Kevin Maas  to do double duty.

American Checklist

              1           Dave Justice           Atlanta Braves
2           Mark McGwire           Oakland Athletics
3           Will Clark           San Francisco Giants
4           Jose Canseco           Oakland Athletics
5           Vince Coleman           St. Louis Cardinals
6           Sandy Alomar Jr.           Cleveland Indians
7           Darryl Strawberry           New York Mets
8           Lenny Dykstra           Philadelphia Phillies
9           Gregg Jefferies           New York Mets
10           Tony Gwynn           San Diego Padres
11           Ken Griffey Jr.           Seattle Mariners
12           Roger Clemens           Boston Red Sox
13           Chris Sabo           Cincinnati Reds
14           Bobby Bonilla           Pittsburgh Pirates
15           Gary Sheffield           Milwaukee Brewers
16           Ryne Sandberg           Chicago Cubs
17           Nolan Ryan           Texas Rangers
18           Barry Larkin           Cincinnati Reds
19           Cal Ripken Jr.           Baltimore Orioles
20           Jim Abbott           California Angels
21           Barry Bonds           Pittsburgh Pirates
22           Mark Grace           Chicago Cubs
23           Cecil Fielder           Detroit Tigers
24           Kevin Mitchell           San Francisco Giants
25           Todd Zeile           St. Louis Cardinals
26           George Brett           Kansas City Royals
27           Rickey Henderson           Oakland Athletics
28           Kirby Puckett           Minnesota Twins
29           Don Mattingly           New York Yankees
30           Kevin Maas           New York Yankees


Canadian Checklist

              1           Delino DeShields           Montreal Expos
2           Tim Wallach           Montreal Expos
3           Andres Galarraga           Montreal Expos
4           Dave Magadan           New York Mets
5           Barry Bonds UER           Pittsburgh Pirates
6           Lenny Dykstra           Philadelphia Phillies
7           Andre Dawson           Chicago Cubs
8           Ozzie Smith           St. Louis Cardinals
9           Will Clark           San Francisco Giants
10           Chris Sabo           Cincinnati Reds
11           Eddie Murray           Los Angeles Dodgers
12           David Justice           Atlanta Braves
13           Benito Santiago           San Diego Padres
14           Glenn Davis           Houston Astros
15           Kelly Gruber           Toronto Blue Jays
16           Dave Stieb           Toronto Blue Jays
17           John Olerud           Toronto Blue Jays
18           Roger Clemens           Boston Red Sox
19           Cecil Fielder           Detroit Tigers
20           Kevin Maas           New York Yankees
21           Robin Yount           Milwaukee Brewers
22           Cal Ripken Jr.           Baltimore Orioles
23           Sandy Alomar Jr.           Cleveland Indians
24           Rickey Henderson           Oakland Athletics
25           Bobby Thigpen           Chicago White Sox
26           Ken Griffey Jr.           Seattle Mariners
27           Nolan Ryan           Texas Rangers
28           Dave Winfield           California Angels
29           George Brett           Kansas City Royals
30           Kirby Puckett           Minnesota Twins

If anyone is looking to add some of these I have doubles to trade of Fielder, Clemons, Santiago and Murray