Card Mysteries

Box 2 in the pile of mysteries was a slight improvement over the first box. It was however all Baseball, and unless there was some oddballs I wanted or some O-Pee-Chee the best I could hope for is some more trade fodder.

It started out with a massive pile of 1991 Upper Deck. Over 1600 cards going straight into the dead pile (minus a couple of Chipper Jones RC’s)


If there is someone out there collecting 1991 Upper Deck and still missing a card I’d love to send you a few 🙂

I’m not a super baseball collector so I’m not sure what is collectible or hot, but these were the interesting ones that made the cut to the Trade pile.

Some Panini, Topps Attax and Leaf Babe Ruth…


And about 20 Topps Heritage.


If you want to see a copy of the complete trade list I have in excel form, just ask. 🙂