2012-13 OPC Hockey

I’ve always had a bit of a love-hate relationship with inserts and parallels. I guess it goes back to the the beginning of my collection.

OPC did not have a bunch of inserts when I started.  1979-1980 through to 1985-1986 OPC had none.  I remember you would see sporadic glossys that came from the 77-78 set, and then in 1985-86 there was the sticker inserts, but for the 7 years in between, nothing.

Now, there were some other sets like the 1980-81 Supers and Stickers starting in 1981-1982 but these were packaged and marketed separately. You didn’t have to make a decision on whether it was part of the set. You didn’t “pull” a super from your pack or a sticker. If you wanted to collect the stickers, you bought the album and the stickers and you collected them in a separate endeavour. Some kids collected one or the other, most collected both, but you rarely mixed them up or traded one for the other.

Anything that would be considered a “pull” these days was simply a base card then. Examples include the Bobby Orr “retirement” card in 1978-79 OPC,  the 4 teams Logo Cards in 1979-80 or even the Super Actions in 1981-812.  I remember getting the Pelle Lindbergh Memorial card in 1985-86 and thinking this is the same, yet different from the others, but still just a card you needed for the set.

Worthy of an insert, but just a regular base card.

Worthy of an insert, but just a regular base card.

Nothing special here, just 1 of 396.

Nothing special here, just 1 of 396.

Now in any 8 card pack you get at minimum 1 insert or parallel. So really you get 7 cards and then a “pull”. I’m a set collector so it always leads to the question. Am I going to collect this subset? Is it part of the base? Is it even possible to get them all?

Well for 2012-13 OPC one set I am going for is the “Rainbow Parallel”. Shiny card versions of the base (not to be confused with the Retro, Black, Red or Blank Versions”.   12 year old me would have gone ape shit trying to collect this set. 42 year old me looks at it as just another set among many of parallels and inserts. But they are shiny. Shiny cards for a shiny Tuesday as I get 140 cards closer to completing this parallel in one fell swoop. Getting a box of these from Robert in Winnipeg makes me happy.



I’ve created a monster. But a good monster. I don’t have kids so my only hope for passing on my love of sports cards goes to my nieces and nephews, or my best friends kids. For the longest time it looked like the end of the line..but there is a glimmer of light.

My nephew turned 9. He loves hockey. He discovered hockey cards. He discovered his Uncle’s hockey card collection. He left home with a “starter” box of about 3,000 various junk wax cards and a hope from me he would actually enjoy them. And to my joy he did!

I’m trying not to push him to hard, but I make sure whenever I see him I have something to trade and he has gone to the Card store in his hometown with his dad. They live in a small town so it was a small shop. This past weekend I took him to my favorite card store in Toronto. He was blown away. I figured I would just take a quick visit and maybe check for a few cards for The White Whale and he wanted to go through EVERYTHING on my want list. I had to explain to him that we would be there all day so we settled for spending an hour or so poking through the packs and boxes. Looking at the displays. The look on his face was priceless.

I asked him what he wanted to collect. He said “Same as you Uncle Trevor” which I had to admit was pretty cool. So I bought him a few packs of 12-13 OPC Hockey.

Little bastard held me hostage for a Black Rainbow I needed!

I have trained him too well.

4 More Black Rainbows

And Stan Mikita (of Stan Mikita’s Donut Fame)


It’s been an incredibly busy couple of weeks as I work at a travel company that specializes in High School and University/College travel and we have 1000’s of passengers going away over spring break and march break.

But it’s been too long since I posted so here is a quick one.

Pete Mueller
2012-13 OPC Signature.

I liked him when he was with the Avalanche, but now that he has signed in Florida he is dead to me. I just have always had a hard time drafting Florida players into my hockey pools.

Peter Mueller

I also picked up another of the league leaders cards. This one is the assists.


I know the goal guys get all the glory, but they need the set up men.

So for anyone else keeping count
that puts me at:
OPC Signatures: 2/30 = 6%
League Leaders: 5/9 =55%

As of February 18th, 2013, I am at 986 cards. So just a smidgen over 27% down.

As always..any help on 12-12 OPC Hockey would be appreciated. Check out the updated list at

When I gave myself the goal of going for a master set I knew it would be difficult, but at least it would be fun. After the first couple of weeks a few truths have come out.

1) The Base & Retro sets should be done fairly simply and relatively soon. Most people would stop here.

2) The Stickers and Leaders subset should also present a tangible result in the near future.

3) The Rainbow inserts look like they will be somewhat easy to complete at a reasonable cost. (some people might stop here)

4) The Black Rainbow parallel looks possible but time consuming. As they are all serial #’d out of 100 time is of the essence. Need to get these soon before they disappear into collections.More people would stop here.

5) The Red Rainbow parallel is going to be even tougher. I don’t see getting that set done anytime soon. It could be a lifetime project or looking through cheap boxes at card shows and asking at stores. That’s ok. It will make completion sweeter. I don;t think many people are crazy enough to keep going on this set.

6) The rest of the inserts are going to have to be grabbed as soon as I see them. Many will not surface again for a while.

7) Card bloggers are great people and take interest in other peoples projects. I appreciate all the kind words of support I have gotten (although I think many assume I am crazy for trying this)

So what about today? Last night I got a package in the mail with my first Red Border cards. 8 Down and 592 to go on this parallel.



As always. If you have any 2012-13 OPC or know someone who does, please let me know.


Back to work today. It’s the new year and I’m still plugging away on my special project (along with my general overall collection).

I think with attempting this Master set the base, retro, pop ups and stickers will be done first. Everything else will take longer. The Rainbow inserts are coming along ok. It’s the Black, Red and Gold variations that will haunt me though the years.

Anyway. As always. If you do collect Hockey and have any 2012-13 OPC I would love to hear from you about a trade. Check out my progress here

Here’s a Shiny 2012-13 OPC Rainbow Parallel of Alexander Ovechkin to start the year. He got engaged last week. Congrats to him.


I’ve had this debate before. Mostly with myself, but once with another person, on whether Box Bottoms count as part of a set.

To me it’s clear they although they do not count as part of the base set they definitely count when doing a master set.

I remember the 85-86 OPC box bottoms. It was Super Mario’s RC and you could get a neat variation on the bottom of of a box. It was the first box of cards I ever bought and I made sure to get the box with Mario on it.

For the 2012-13 OPC Set their are 2 versions of the box bottoms.

The Blaster Box bottoms consist of 2 cards and come in 3 options. They use the base card format for the cards.

I bought a blaster pack and picked this one IMG_0711[1]
becuase it had my Martin Brodeur, one of my favorite players.

The other options are Sidney Crosby & Jonathan Toews, or Alex Ovechkin & Ryan Nugent-Hopkins

The Hobby/Retail Box consists of 4 cards and comes in 4 options. They use the Retro look for these cards.

1 Sidney Crosby, Pavel Datsyuk, John Tavares, Tim Thomas
2 Alex Ovechkin, Phil Kessel, Henrik Lundqvist, Gabriel Landeskog
3 Steven Stamkos, Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, Claude Giroux, Carey Price
4 Jonathan Toews, Martin Brodeur, Evgeni Malkin, Eric Staal

2012-13 OPC Box Bottom w Crosby, Datsyuk, Tavares & Thomas

2012-13 OPC Box Bottom w Crosby, Datsyuk, Tavares & Thomas

Datsyuk is another personal fav, and the fact he is paired with Crosby made this the one to get first..although the Brodeur panel looks good as well.

Thats 2 items (or 6 cards) off The White Whale. If you can help with the other 3000 + cards missing please let me know.

A Master Set.

Is it the Holy Grail of Collectors or a delusional unattainable dream?

I’ve completed 12 sets this year after getting back into my collection after a few years of light involvement. But a Master Set of 1979-80 OPC is only 396 cards. There are few inserts, parallels, redemptions or Short prints in sets before 2000 so it’s fairly straight forward. It’s just a matter of finding the cards you need.

So why go for a Master Set of anything more recent? Well for me it’s the challenge. Not many people are attempting it so why not go for it. Plus it gives me a reason to trade for newer stuff as I find it harder and harder to trade for the older stuff I need.

So here it goes. I’ve thrown down the gauntlet to myself. I am going to go for the OPC Hockey 2012-13 Master Set.


Why this set? Honestly it was the strike. I made a vow to not buy any new product after this set (it came out just before the strike started). So why not go out with a bang. A challenge of epic proportions.

I could be crazy, I could be overly ambitious but lets review this post at the end of 2013 and see how it looks.

By my count the set would be 3,625 cards. (Please correct me if i am wrong)

As of December 15th, 2012, I am at 479 cards. So just a smidgen over 13% down.

Base: 376/600 = 63%
Retro Parallel: 55/600 = 9%
Rainbow Foil: 16/600 = 2%
Black Rainbow #’d/100: 4/600 =.06%
Red Border #.’d/100: 0
All Stars:0
Stickers:19/100 = 19%
League Leaders: 4/9 =44%
Black & White: 0
Pop Ups:4/50 = 8%
Logo Patch Cards: 0
OPC Signatures: 1/30 = 3%
Team Canada Signatures: 0
Buybacks: 0
Sport Royalty: 0
Bonus Autographs: 0
Blaster Box Bottoms:
Hobby Box Bottoms:
Marquee Legend Gold:0

To track the progress I’ve started a separate page

Please go over and check it out and let me know if you can help. I figure the first 1000 or so cards should be fairly easy.