Tretiak. And what to do about him.

Tretiak. If you are a hockey fan of a certain age, you know the name. Generally referred to by one name only. Tretiak. Arguably the greatest goaltender of all time. I’m strongly in the camp that believes he was definitely (at the very minimum) the greatest of the 70’s and would have dominated had he been allowed to play in the NHL.

Internationally he was without peer as noted by the selection to the IIHF All-time All Star Team

From Wikipedia,

The IIHF Centennial All-Star Team is an all-star team of hockey players from international ice hockey tournaments. The team was chosen based on the players’ “impact in international ice hockey over a period of at least a decade,” with a requirement that they must have performed “at the highest possible level (Olympics, the IIHF World Championship or the Canada Cup/World Cup tournaments).”

The selection was organized by the International Ice Hockey Federation and named in 2008. The panel comprised 56 ice hockey experts from 16 countries representing a balance between North American and European countries, and included people who have worked in the game for an extended period and whose opinions are widely respected. One of the 56 votes represented the collective opinion of the staff of The Hockey News. No single voter’s entire selection was the same as the final team.

Centennial All-Star Team

The players selected:
Goaltender: Vladislav Tretiak (Soviet Union) – 30 votes
First defenceman: Viacheslav Fetisov (Soviet Union) – 54 votes
Second defenceman: Börje Salming (Sweden) – 17 votes
First winger: Valeri Kharlamov (Soviet Union) – 21 votes
Second winger: Sergei Makarov (Soviet Union) – 18 votes
Centre: Wayne Gretzky (Canada) – 38 votes

Which leads me to this:

In the bottom of a huge jumble I picked up that was mostly junk was this. I asked about it. He says his dad got it from him and some event and had it hand signed.

I know without a COA it’s virtually worthless. But you know what. Who cares.

The guy was young, starting a family and clearing out the junk from his dads possessions.I asked him if he wanted to keep it just for the sentimental value of his dad giving it to him and he said no. WTF? It’s Tretiak. I’m sure his dad knew who he was.

Needless to say, he’s got a place of honour in my collection.

  1. GCA said:

    That is cool as heck. I have that set complete in English and partial in French.

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