Monthly Archives: August 2017

I’ve recently gotten started making trades through and am so far loving the results. As I slowly grind away on my all time O-Pee-Chee lists I get to know off with a great guy named Gary.

I was able to send him some old Monty Gum wrestling cards that don’t fit my collection anymore and he was able to send me some amazing vintage CFL O-Pee-Chee from the year I was born. 1972. 45 year old cardboard is always nice 🙂

Very simple designs. All posed photos. The uniforms are not fancy. Just nice cool cards.


Well, I just jumped ahead about 27 more cards on the ultimate collection quest of all O-Pee-Chee branded cards. These are from the short rebirth of the brand by Upper Deck in 2008 and came as an insert in the 2008 Series 1. They are modeled on the 1969 O-Pee-Chee release and feature a good array of players (with a few classics included).