Oldest, Smallest, Coolest, First

My first cigarette card. And it’s not hockey or baseball. It’s Football (soccer).

1933 Ogden’s Cigarettes AFC Nicknames.

A 50 card set giving a history of the nicknames of the top teams of the time.

palace-front palace-back

This is now my oldest, and smallest card I own. It’s also definitely top 2 or 3 for coolest.

Not my favourite team (that would be Tottenham Hotspur), but it is a team I have seen play live at their home stadium Selhurst Park, which is one of the smaller and older stadiums left in the English Premier League.

Here’s what it says on the back.

” Crystal Palace at first played in that wonderful natural ampitheatre in the picturesque grounds at Sydenham where the Cup final used to be decided and under the shadow of “the big glass house”. It was in this setting that they were given the nickname of “the Glaziers.” They subsequently moved to a ground at Selhurst Park a few miles away, but there has been no change of name. Admitted to the Second Division of the League in season 1921-22 they lost their place at the end of 1925 and have since competed in the Third Division, finishing as runners-up in 1929 and 1931. The “Glaziers” have some fine performances to their credit in the Cup competition.”

Here’s a checklist for the rest of the set..

1.  Arsenal
2.  Aston Villa
3.  Barnsley
4.  Birmingham
5.  Blackburn Rovers
6.  Bolton Wanderers
7.  Bournemouth & Boscombe Athletic
8.  Brentford
9.  Bristol City
10.  Bristol Rovers
11.  Bury
12.  Chelsea
13.  Clapton Orient
14.  Crystal Palace
15.  Darlington
16.  Derby County
17.  Everton
18.  Exeter City
19.  Fulham
20.  Grimsby Town
21.  Hull City
22.  Leicester City
23.  Lincoln City
24.  Liverpool
25.  Luton Town
26.  Manchester City
27.  Millwall
28.  New Brighton
29.  Newcastle United
30.  Northampton Town
31.  Norwich City
32.  Nottingham Forest
33.  Notts County
34.  Oldham Athletic
35.  Plymouth Argyle
36.  Portsmouth
37.  Preston North End
38.  Reading
39.  Sheffield United
40.  Sheffield Wednesday
41.  Southampton
42.  Stockport County
43.  Stoke City
44.  Swansea Town
45.  Swindon Town
46.  Sunderland
47.  Tottenham Hotspur
48.  West Bromwich Albion
49.  West Ham United
50.  Wolverhampton Wanderers

AFC Nicknames – errors/varieties

22.  Leicester City – founded 1844 (on the back)
22.  Leicester City – founded 1884 (on the back)


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