Whatever Happened To Peter Douris*

2017 has started and with I my first miscellaneous mystery box(es) pick up.

It looks like this to start..img_2020

All that wonderful goodness hidden in those boxes. Basically I bought it because it had a few hundred OPC Hockey cards I was interested in. Everything else was just extra stuff that I can go to to add to my “Not Actively Collecting”, “Traders” or “Dead” lists.

I think most people have a “Not Actively Collecting” section. These are cards that you wouldn’t necessarily purchase, you’re not really trying to complete the set but you keep adding to it it by osmosis. I keep a list of these card sets, but I don’t pursue them. If i add a few as collateral to a purchase then I’m happy.

So what was in this pile of loveliness? Well I’m going to take my time and do one box/binder at a time so I don’t race through. This will keep me (haha) from spending more and buying more until this pile is processed.

This weekend past was box 1

A box of true junk was made up almost exclusively of Upper Deck 1991-92 . Now these are definitely on my NAC list. There were a total of 1866 cards. I’m missing about 10 for the set, so I thought my odds were good to get them. However, the entire lot was cards from 500-600. Including multiple copies (and I mean multiple!!) of each card in that range. Here pictured are 16 Peter Douris cards. Who needs that many Peter Douris? I mean his mom doesn’t need that many Peter Douris cards. This was only some of them. All told there were 56!!

So cards added to my collection 0, cards added to NAC 0, cards added to traders 0, cards added to dead pile 1866.



*The answer to the question in the title? Douris retired in 2002, in 11 NHL seasons he scored 54 goals and 67 assists for 121 points in 321 games, picking up 80 penalty minutes. Now, as a retired player, he is head coach of Vojens IK. (Thanks Wikipedia)


  1. Yikes! What a dud of a box. Here’s hoping the rest of the mystery boxes aren’t anything like this one.

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