CB Talking (Non Sport Part 5)

Such a WTF card that it gets it’s own post.

1977 Fleer CB Talk

I only have the one pictured below. But it’s so just unlike anything else in the non sport junk pile that it has to be saved and put into the Keep – Not Actively Collecting pile.

What’s not to love?




Awesome picture on the front. Super useful glossary on the back. It’s vintage and came out during a time when truckers were cool. The cards came out  in the heart of the  CB Radio/trucking craze was at its peak in the United States. Remember Convoy?,  Smokey and the Bandit?  White Line Fever? what about  the television series Movin’ On or B. J. and the Bear. Truckers today can’t compete with those legends.

This card says cool in a way most cards from the 70’s just can’t.



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