Military Themed Cards (Non Sports Part 4)

Part 2 of the Not Actively Collecting pile, focused on Military cards. What can I say. I like them

Keep – Not Actively Collecting (NAC)

– The card sets I keep but don’t really track. If they turn up in a lot I pick up I’d add them but I’m not going to trade for them or buy them. I’d probably trade them if a good deal came up to add some cards I care more about. They don’t normally get listed on the trader page (unless of course I have doubles of them.) At some point they will likely move up or down a category.

This ones will likely move up a category one day, but for right now they are just a rung below that category.

Three sets today make the post.

From least (quality, interest, value) to best I have.
1991 Pro Set Desert Storm
I’m not sure who came first, Topps of Proset with this set. Right in the middle of good old Desert Storm. America had a sense of moral obligation. Unlike DS 2 led by Jr. the 1st Desert Storm had a clear start. Iraq invaded Kuwait. The USA and coalition troops backed up the small country (oil I am sure had nothing to do with it). The troops went in. The printing presses started up. Pro Set overproduced and we got these.


1991 Topps Desert Storm
Some of the subject matter is very similar. Some of the graphics are similar. But the fact that they are A) Topps and B) Still printed on cardboard makes these ones just a bit more collectible for me.


1983 Dart Vietnam Fact Cards
And way up ahead and clearly in a league of their own are these 1983 Dart Vietnam Fact Cards. Not particularly rare, or valuable they none the less are just cool to have.

IMG_1121 IMG_1122


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