Non Sport Part 2 – Wavering Between Junk and Trade

The next level up from being destined to be chewed and abused is the actual Long Term Trade Pile Category.

Trade Pile – Long Term
– The card sets I track and list on my trade page. They normally stick around until they get traded or sold or move up to Not Actively collecting, but more likely fall down to Junk Pile.

There is no real reason some cards make it to this level and some fall down to the junk pile level. It could be as simple as one card keeping it up or going down. It could be because some one once asked me about something similar or I feel there may be interest in them somewhere out there. Most likely its because I find it hard to part with even the junkiest cards at times.

I am sure everyone has that one set or pile of cards they don’t really want, but can’t seem to get rid of.

From the non sport pile I have:

1993 Jurassic Park  – not sure who made them. Someone in Canada as they are bilingual.
Why the save for now? Dinosaurs!


Roaring with bilingual rage!

This is the only one I have.

2001 Topps Marvel Legends & 1997 Topps Marvel  & 1994 Topps Marvel Masterpieces Although I prefer the DC universe comic books were my second collecting love growing up. I gave away over 5,000 when I left for University to a friend who wanted to start a collection. Or so he said. They were sold a year later.


1991 Impel DC Classic Covers  see Above. I’m a DC guy. So a DC card of The Atom has to avoid the fate of grubby hands, dog teeth and disuse.


1992 Pro Set Guinness Book Of World Records – Facts and Figures galore. Who wouldn’t want to just read these cards (besides me).


1991 Topps The Rocketeer  I’m a O-Pee Chee loyalist and Topps second. I find it hard to junk anything with a Topps logo, although I know a lot of it should be.


Does anyone else find it hard to part with cards event though they know they should?


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