New Year – New Plan

So, if my goal was to post everyday then I’ve already missed out on that one.

Pretty much only collecting goals are pretty simple, keep going on the OPC Hockey master set, and tame the growing pile of “stuff” that’s just been thrown into boxes in the past couple months/years.

I’m sure most people have a pile/box/shelf like this. In my cases I have the managed to get my junk pile down to “just” 10 4000 count boxes.


Pretty much all trade bait and stuff not collecting.

The first step I managed to do today. I did a rough sort by sport. Leaving me with 1 box of football, 1 box of basketball, 2 boxes of baseball, and 6 boxes of hockey.

Also small stack of non-sport.


So the plan was to take the non sport and divide it into groups.

Which gave me the following.

1 – 1992 Hildebrant Comic Art
4 -1991 Pro Set Desert Storm
1 – 1994 Topps Marvel Masterpieces
3 – 2001 Topps Marvel Legends
2 – 1997 Topps Marvel
11 – 1991 Impel Terminator 2
13 – 1991 Brockum Rock Cards
19 – 1991 Topps Desert Storm
1 – 1982 OPC E.T. The Extra Terrestrial
9 – 1977 OPC Star Wars
28 – 1990 Dart Beetlejuice
13 – 1989 Topps Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
1 – 1991 Impel DC Classic Covers
2 – 1990 OPC Dick Tracy
1 – 1977 Fleer CB Talk
4 – 1990 Pro Set Superstars Musicards
31 – 1991 Topps The Rocketeer
1 – 1993 ?? Juraissic Park
44 – 1992 Upper Deck Comic Ball
91 – 1992 Pro Set Guinness Book Of World Records
102 – 1978 OPC Superman The Movie
5 – 1983 Dart Vietnam Fact Cards

So, in the spirit of organizing these, I’ll spend the next several posts on these non sports cards and divide them into the following groups.

Keep – Actively Collect

– The card sets I actively track and keep an eye out for at shows. I’d purchase more if I saw them and want to complete the set. I’d trade for these cards, but not necessarily trade them.

Keep – Not Actively Collecting

– The card sets I keep but don’t really track. If they turn up in a lot I’d add them but I’m not going to trade for them or buy them. I’d probably trade them if a good deal came. They don’t normally get listed on the trader page (unless of course I have doubles of them.)

Trade Pile – Long Term
– The card sets I track and list on my trade page. They normally stick around until they get traded or sold.

Junk Pile

– The card pile I donate to my nieces and nephews that get eaten, played with, drawn on, or otherwise destroyed.

Wish me luck, and feel free as always to ask if you want to trade for anything you see.




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