Would you pay $400 for this card?

Would you pay $400 or more for a 1990-91 Pro Set Hockey card? One of the most overproduced, vilified, junkiest of junk wax sets there has ever been or possibly ever would be?

Specifically for this card? Paul Gillis ERR 246A


I mean come on, its listed in Beckett for that amount.


The complete set books at $25 HI but this card, yes the error, books at $400.

And people are trying to get that on Ebay. Yes I know listed price and what they actually sell at are not the same. But listing it at $250-$350 seems absurd.


For just a bit of blood showing on the error card?

. IMG_1015

Thinking of that gives me a nosebleed.

PS       If anyone really wants to pay for this card, I’ll let it go for just $200. That’s a steal of a deal at 50% off

PPS Just kidding, but I am willing to trade it for some stuff from my want list.

  1. 1967ers said:

    I’m kind of amazed that set even books at $25. I think the decimal needs to move at least one spot to the left.

    Now I need to go see how many $400 cards I have in the basement. I bought far, far too much of that set. That was the benefit of releasing two months before anyone else.

  2. You can still get boxes and boxes of it at shows for $5. I think we should all agree to burn whatever we have of it, and then whats left might be worth the $2.50 a set you suggest. Maybe, in 50 years.

    But yep, like you I bought a ton when it came out. So new, so different from OPC.

  3. Mark Recoskie said:

    Unintentionally clever set design. No one is filing through Proset or Score from 1991-92.

    This is a timely post as I just stumbled across this site the other day – https://junkwaxgems.wordpress.com/2013/01/05/1990-91-pro-set-hockey-errors-variations-ongoing-checklist/

    I’m sure many have seen this page but I thought I would share it anyways. I particularly love this card –

    131a Aaron Broten (small, clear Stanley Cup trophy on back)(SP)

    Foreshadowing of the North Stars magical 1991 run perhaps?

  4. Lol, clever as a fox. Maybe that was their plan all along, lots of variations. Chase cards before they became chase cards.
    Pro-set was ahead of their time!

  5. Jason Shortt said:

    As much as Pro Set has a bad wrap for leading the charge into the the Junk Era of collecting, this set is still near and dear to some of us (or maybe just me lol). I remember a 12 year old me going down to the Coin and Stamp Hut on King St in Hamilton and buying a box the morning they came out. Guys were opening boxes on the counter, and some were even commenting how ‘beautiful’ the cards were. It was the first set of the year in 1990, and it was the first set I ever completed by hand. I’ve since put together a Master Set of errors, and was even lucky enough to buy a Stanley Cup holo for $25 at a show awhile back. In fact, Beckett has even started listing this set back in the guide after a long absence. Maybe there is some new interest in this stuff? I know it holds a special place in my collection, even if its mostly sentimental.

    I’d love to add this Gillis to my set (which I think would complete it.) Please let me know if it’s still available !!

      • Jason Shortt said:

        I’ll check the Want List and let you know what I have. Thanks!

  6. Jason Shortt said:

    I have alot of your Want Lists, including OPC Hockey and even OPC Baseball sets from the 1980s. I’m sure we can work something out. 🙂
    I’ll be in touch later tonight via email! Thanks again!

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