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Would you pay $400 or more for a 1990-91 Pro Set Hockey card? One of the most overproduced, vilified, junkiest of junk wax sets there has ever been or possibly ever would be?

Specifically for this card? Paul Gillis ERR 246A


I mean come on, its listed in Beckett for that amount.


The complete set books at $25 HI but this card, yes the error, books at $400.

And people are trying to get that on Ebay. Yes I know listed price and what they actually sell at are not the same. But listing it at $250-$350 seems absurd.


For just a bit of blood showing on the error card?

. IMG_1015

Thinking of that gives me a nosebleed.

PS       If anyone really wants to pay for this card, I’ll let it go for just $200. That’s a steal of a deal at 50% off

PPS Just kidding, but I am willing to trade it for some stuff from my want list.


It’s monday. Back to work and back to adding to my WHA sets.

There are 4 stand along WHA OPC sets along with the poster insert in the 1973-74 OPC Base set.

This one is from the 2nd stand alone set in 1975-76.

Behold the glory that is Veli Pekka Ketola!


The hair, the vintage Jets uniform, the card colours and layout all scream 70’s.

Nice solid back stats and layout. I’m loving this set.