Super O-Pee-Chee

During the 1980-81 season O-Pee-Chee tried something new in Canada and issues a set of what are known as Supers

Much larger than the regular issue the 24 “cards” in the Supers set measure a whopping 5″ x 7″  (about 4x a regular card) with full color photos.

I suspect that many of these were pinned to walls, taped to lockers etc. It’s unlikely many were used to play traditional hockey card games like “scrambles-for-keepsies”, “knock down” “bounce- back” or “covers”

The backs are pretty sparse. They are numbered and list some basic player information – Name, Team, Position with the obligatory French translation that helped so many of us learn some basic French.

They were made from a thicker cardboard stock (to handle being displayed?) and issued separately from the main set.

They are not particularly hard to find, nor are they overly expensive. I picked up the 2 I got for a couple bucks. This was the first time I’ve seen a stack of them sold individually rather than just a set so I was happy to grab a couple. So now I am a step closer to my goal of at least one card from every OPC set.

For the start of my set I snagged a Gilbert Perreault (as he is my friends favourite I got 2 and am sending one in the mail – hope he gets it before reading this).


Nice big smile for Gilbert

And a Guy Lafleur (because to be honest he was the next in the pile)


Guy – looking a bit tired. Still a bunch of good years to go but no more Cups.

Here’s the basic back..

1980-81 OPC Super Back

1980-81 OPC Super Back

And how they stack up size wise against a regular card.


Guy – meet Guy

Below is the checklist – small list, big cards, packed with stars. 14 of 24 are in the Hall of Fame

1 Brad Park
2 Gilbert Perreault
3 Kent Nilsson
4 Tony Esposito
5 Lanny McDonald
6 Pete Mahovlich
7 Wayne Gretzky
8 Marcel Dionne
9 Bob Gainey
10 Guy Lafleur
11 Larry Robinson
12 Mike Bossy
13 Denis Potvin
14 Phil Esposito
15 Anders Hedberg
16 Bobby Clarke
17 Marc Tardif
18 Bernie Federko
19 Borje Salming
20 Darryl Sittler
21 Ian Turnbull
22 Glen Hanlon
23 Mike Palmateer
24 Morris Lukowich
  1. Excellent! I love oversized cards, I collect 1970’s and early 1980’s hockey, but I had no idea these cards existed. At the very least I’m gonna have to get me a Palmateer for my Capitals team collection.

    FYI, Topps had very similar baseball and football Supers in 1980 and 1981. The 1980 football cards had the same fake engraved plate that these OPC’s do. The baseball sets, which had just a facsimile autograph on the front, came out in 1980 (60 card national set) and 1981 (smaller regional sets).

    I posted about some “Super” Mets last December, if you’re interested…

  2. I didn’t know about the Topps sets, but it doesn’t surprise me. OPC was generally a year or so behind on most if the ideas from Topps through the 60’s – 80’s. It makes it confusing some times with some of the 70’s inserts to tell if they are one or the other.

    The Sports Card Expo is next week. Ill see if I can land you the Palmateer.

    Send me your email.

  3. Thanks, I appreciate the offer, but I think I know a place where I can probably find one… now that I know about it.

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