Kelloggs All Stars (Canadian Version)

The growing pile of odd balls and other stuff is getting out of hand so I thought I’d try something new and start posting stuff to trade. The idea is that I’ll post it here and then move it to the trade bait page. I’m pretty mellow so if you want any of it just fire me an email and it’s yours for whatever you feel is adequate. Right now the want list page is only OPC hockey but that will be expanding.


1992 Kelloggs All Stars.

Now if you are from south of the border you’ve likely seen these as Kellogg Corn Flakes. Up here in Canada we like our cereal extra sugary so the cards were included in Frosted Flakes (they’rrrrreee great).

scan0004 scan0009


Obv’s saying Frosted Flakes instead of Corn Flakes on the front)

French on the back  (Did you know that french for outfielder was Voltigeur).

Once the Expos moved there seemed little market for french on baseball cards.



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  1. Jason Shortt said:

    Hi there.

    I remember you writing before about having a 1990 Pro Set Paul Gillis (bloody nose) card for trade. Do you still have this by any chance?

    Thanks, Jason

    Sent from my iPhone


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