WHA’s Happening?

So today is Canada Day. Happy Canada to any other Canadians out there and enjoy the BBQ today.

It’s also free agent frenzy day. In both the NBA and NHL it’s the start of silly season where middling players get huge contracts as they are seen as the missing piece of the puzzle.

It kinda reminded me of the most recent pickup I made and how I can tie these together.

When the WHA was launched it went after perhaps the biggest name possible. Bobby Hull. Signing him immediately gave the new league some legitimacy and started the fun, but all too brief era of the WHA.

Just got this yesterday.


What a handsome guy.  No long hair 70’s look for Bobby. He reminds me of the gym teacher I had in public school.


The card is well travelled and well loved with a bit of a bigger ding in the one corner, but hey, its not bad for over 40 years old.

It’s early in this set for me as this is just card #24 of 343 in the set I own.  (Yes, I know most guides say the set has 340 cards but I’m going for the MASTER OPC SET remember? So that means 1extra of each version of the Park and Ratelle variations as well as both variations of the 3rd Checklist).


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