64296 Or Thereabouts

Is thereabouts one word or two? Anyway, the big list is done. And it is a BIG list.

Every OPC Hockey card possible. Classic/Original run, Topps life support parallels and Upper Deck revivals.

64296 Unique cards. And my goal is one of each. (I’ll give you time to stop laughing).

Impossible task – most likely.

Lots of fun trying – most definitely

I’m putting this chart here to track where I started from. June 29, 2015

Full list = all possible “OPC cards”. This includes, all variables, all SP’s, all inserts, all box bottoms, checklists and errors.

Pre 2000 = well obviously cards issued prior to 2000

Classic OPC Run – The  bread and butter collection.  to 1968-1969 OPC to 1994-1995 OPC Premier (and the death of OPC v1.0)

Post 2000= cards issued after 2000 (under the Topps banner to start but last 10 years as an Upper Deck brand)

My 1st focus is on the classic run and I’m almost halfway there.

For anyone who wants to know how I got to these numbers, check out the page called (The Big Count at the top)

Total Cards                   Owned                   %

Full List 64296 14377 22.36%
Pre 2000 19176 8140 42.45%
Classic OPC Run 16235 8029 49.45%
Post 2000 45120 6237 13.82%
  1. Good luck on your journey–I know I have some of your wants–will have to check and let you know

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