Monthly Archives: June 2013

Well here’s a happy day. My 50th post.

And also a sorta sad post. This could be it for a while. I’m moving.

Great job opportunity at work means I’ll be living in the Dominican Republic for the next couple years. Not sure how well I will be able to keep up on the hockey card collection.

On the plus side it is a baseball mad country. Maybe I’ll find some vintage at one of the markets.

It’s been a slice. All the best. Hope to get back to posting once I can all the logistics of the move, office and house setup etc etc.


PS I have 3 more packages to send out before I know who you are. I haven’t forgotten you.


I focus on OPC hockey. I have a list of all the sets made and am trying to complete them all. One that has eluded me so far (and honestly I haven’t broken a sweat looking for it) is the 1995-96 OPC.

Here’s the thing though. If you are looking for 95-96 OPC they don’t really exist. OPC didn’t exist yet and this was before Upper Deck bought the name and before Topps put out a couple sets with that brand.

It only exists as an insert. Randomly inserted in the 95-96 Topps set.

There is only one difference between the cards and that is that it shows OPC on the front instead of Topps.


That’s a shadow of my hand 🙂

No other difference. They didn’t change the photo or even add French to the back.



So you can see why I’ve never really gone to great lengths to find them.

However at the beginning of the year one of my goals was to get a minimum of one card from each set. And now I do. I have this one. Vladimir Malakhov.

A friend a work found a stack of cards at home and brought them to me as he knows I collect and wanted a “value”. Telling him the Pro-Set, Score and UD cards were pretty much junk I did see this one card.

He offered to sell it to me for whatever I said it was worth. I gave him a nickel and overpaid.


…and then there were these. In a random box of baseball and hockey cards that I bought for $20. Just these two.

Forza Italia indeed.

I love soccer. Huge Tottenham Hotspur and Toronto FC fan (yes we have the worst team in North America). But Italian league cards hold no interest.

My wife was able to translate the info on the back. Basic stuff. One drives a golf and the other plays golf or something like that.



Basic back info.


Any soccer collectors or Italy fans want these?