Topps Commons WANTED

So..umm..this is me asking politely for help. And a favour. You know those Topps commons doubles that you have sitting around that you don’t know what to do with? You know, the junk wax era ones that you have no one to trade them to? Well I could kinda use them. I mean if you don’t need them or want them.

Just the commons though, just the ones you don’t want. Keep the stars, the 1/1’s, the auto’s the parallels and refractors. I’ll do my best to dig up something to trade back. It might have to be an IOU until I get something you want/need (unless of course you want Canadian versions of cards like Leaf and OPC cuz I gots lots of them!)

Here’s the issue. I want to be able to trade with you guys. I want to be able buy garage sale boxes of old baseball cards and trade them and post about them. But there is a problem. They don’t really exist in Canada. Or at least I have not run across them yet (and I have tried). I want to have the same joy of complaining about the junk wax and commons as you all do.

I see vintage singles at shows and stores, but i can’t justify getting them yet with so many other sets missing.

So I am asking nicely, if you have Topps Commons you can’t give away or trade, let me know. Maybe I can find something to trade with you….

To see what I’m facing…

2012 Missing All
2011 Missing 605 of 660
2010 Missing 632 of 660
2009 Missing All
2008 Missing All
2007 Missing All
2006 Missing All
2005 Missing All
2004 Missing All
2003 Missing All
2002 Missing All
2001 Missing All
2000 Missing All
1999 Missing All
1998 Missing All
1997 Missing All
1996 Missing All
1995 Missing All
1994 Traded Missing All
1994 Missing 747 of 792
1993 Traded Missing All
1993 Complete
1992 Traded Missing All
1992 Missing 459 of 792
1991 Traded Missing 131 of 132
1991 Complete
1990 Traded Missing 106 of 132
1990 Missing 475 of 792
1989 Traded Missing All
1989 Missing 565 of 792
1988 Traded Missing 123 of 132
1988 Missing 616 of 792
1987 Traded Missing 131 of 132
1987 Missing 649 of 792
1986 Traded Missing 128 of 132
1986 Missing 728 of 792

1985 and older (Pretty much everything)

Can you help a brother out? Pretty Please? With Sugar and Sprinkles?

  1. Jeff said:

    Email me – let’s talk. You know you want to. 🙂

  2. I have some to send your way. Shoot me an email and we can get a deal going.

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