The Centre at the Centre of the Universe

Living in Toronto can be a blessing and a curse as a hockey fan/card collector.

Blessing: Hockey is front page news pretty much all year.

Curse: It’s the Maple Leafs.

Blessing: Being a sports card collector is easy as there are tons of shows, shops and people selling on Kijiji

Curse: Everyone thinks there crappy cards are worth $$$$.

Blessing: When there is a show there is lots of variety.

Curse: One consistent is that anything with a Blue & White Maple Leaf is going to be overpriced

So I went to a new show (for me) on the weekend and got a few deals. But best of all I managed to find a couple vintage Maple Leafs I needed without breaking the bank.


Amazingly one of them was this Darryl Sittler Rookie Card. Overpriced at $100 I got it for $30 at the end of the show,


According to the notes, Darryl was predicted to be a “super star” of the NHL.

Along with it I picked up this 3rd year card for $2


You have to like the hair and smile on a player who was stuck playing on some pretty bad teams.

There are some blessings being a collector in Toronto. Finding stuff like this is one.


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