Vintage from the LCS

I’m pretty lucky that there is a card store close enough for me to walk to on my lunch, spend 1/2hr poking around at, and get back in time to eat my lunch at my desk.

Lately I have been limiting myself to $20 max as I wait for the spring/summer yard sales to start up again. Kijiji has been a bit of a wasteland lately.

I read a lot of other blogs and I hear about the “dime box” or the “quarter box”. I guess the equivalent they have at this store is the “Vintage Cards at Vintage prices” where the newest cards are from 1981 and almost everything is under $1.00

1st up. 1974-75 Bernie Parent Conn Smythe Winner
Bernie was a great goalie on some great Philadelphia flyer teams. Also the first Conn Smythe Winner on a losing team.



Next up. A Bob Wall from the 1970-71 Season.
Slightly off centred, but love those awesome purple kings jerseys.
Not a big fan of sets with only one year of stats on the back. but I do like the cartoon.
Lots of wasted space.



Introducing Greg. Boddy 73-74 OPC
Not sure why they felt the need to highlight the fact that Greg is the short form of Gregory
What I hate more than just showing one line of stats? Showing one line and not even showing career totals. In this case it’s because it’s his RC. Happy RC Greg.




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