Peter Mueller & Assist Leaders – White Whale

It’s been an incredibly busy couple of weeks as I work at a travel company that specializes in High School and University/College travel and we have 1000’s of passengers going away over spring break and march break.

But it’s been too long since I posted so here is a quick one.

Pete Mueller
2012-13 OPC Signature.

I liked him when he was with the Avalanche, but now that he has signed in Florida he is dead to me. I just have always had a hard time drafting Florida players into my hockey pools.

Peter Mueller

I also picked up another of the league leaders cards. This one is the assists.


I know the goal guys get all the glory, but they need the set up men.

So for anyone else keeping count
that puts me at:
OPC Signatures: 2/30 = 6%
League Leaders: 5/9 =55%

As of February 18th, 2013, I am at 986 cards. So just a smidgen over 27% down.

As always..any help on 12-12 OPC Hockey would be appreciated. Check out the updated list at


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