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My best friend and I took a roadtrip to the Baseball Hall Of Fame. I don’t remember much about what happened that night (we stopped in Syracuse for the night on the way back to Toronto and sampled many of the fine (and some not so fine) local brews)

The BBHOF was fantastic though. Seeing as it was off season it was very quiet. I would expect the place and town to be rammed full on a nice summer day or during inudction weekend. Outside the hall pretty much every store on the main street is some type of memorabilia shop. Not surprisingly, there wasn’t much Hockey stuff.

The HOF is well set up, has a ton of excellent exhibits and kept too 40-somethings entertained for 4 hours. Of course for me one the best parts was the Card display.



As a novice baseball collector it was great to see the history of the cards spread out. I spent a ton of time, just looking at each year so I could get a feel for the progression of design, style and stars.

Now I know many people are out there who want to go or dream of going so I don’t want to post too many pictures or give away details other than to say definitely worth it if you get a chance to go.


It’s been an incredibly busy couple of weeks as I work at a travel company that specializes in High School and University/College travel and we have 1000’s of passengers going away over spring break and march break.

But it’s been too long since I posted so here is a quick one.

Pete Mueller
2012-13 OPC Signature.

I liked him when he was with the Avalanche, but now that he has signed in Florida he is dead to me. I just have always had a hard time drafting Florida players into my hockey pools.

Peter Mueller

I also picked up another of the league leaders cards. This one is the assists.


I know the goal guys get all the glory, but they need the set up men.

So for anyone else keeping count
that puts me at:
OPC Signatures: 2/30 = 6%
League Leaders: 5/9 =55%

As of February 18th, 2013, I am at 986 cards. So just a smidgen over 27% down.

As always..any help on 12-12 OPC Hockey would be appreciated. Check out the updated list at