What A Deal.. Gretzky 2nd year.

One of my favorite methods of collecting is garage sales, yard sales and Kijiji. Its great for finding lots of cards. There are 3 types of ads I normally run into.

1) The person who has cards that their kids outgrew, or were left to them and they just want to get rid of. They generally don’t care much about them and will offer a box of cards for $40 or so. Usually the cards are junk wax and have a few hidden gems. They are happy with the $40 or so, I am happy to take the cards even if 90% of it is crap. I try to make my offer realistic for what I actually see as value.

2) The second type are people who used to be collectors. They generally over price their collection in a soft market. They think it is still 1992 and can’t believe that their Ken Griffey Upper Deck RC isn’t worth $100 or they have BOXES and SETS of junk wax to move. These people are usually one email and done. I make an offer, they think I have insulted them and then I move on. It’s funny because I see the same add put up over and over.

3) This is the third type….They leave me speechless


  1. 1967ers said:

    That’s one where you hope he meant $50.99 and just missed typing in the decimal.

  2. Dave H said:

    Without a doubt one of my all-time favourite cards….but even I don’t like it THAT much…

    • I have a double in very good shape I can let you have for 50% of that price 🙂

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