Riding The Subway with Dick Radatz

My good friend has been the source of many cards in my collection. He had a roommate who moved out and stuck him with unpaid rent and a bunch of old boxes, one of which was filled with early 80’s Hockey cards.

He went to help his dad clean out the attic and found some 70’s OPC Hockey cards that his older brother had collected.

He found the stack of cards in a box that included the “Stryker” card I wrote about a few weeks back. And now this…

Riding the subway in Toronto he looks over a sees a stack of cards on an empty seat, in an otherwise empty car.


Now granted the cards are not worth more than a token on the TTC, but seriously..when was the last time you FOUND cards? As a kid in the 70’s sure, but now?

And who puts them in an elastic band anymore?



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