Goals Met & And Challenges Ahead

It’s the end of the year so as many bloggers will, here is a quick review of my year and whats ahead.

Looking back


I got back into my collecting in a big way. I started a blog and made some great trades. The collecting community is huge and for the most part the people are great. I made some great progress on my main collection.

Below is my overview sheet. Green = complete set, yellow = in progress and red = not started.


9 times this year I managed to complete a set. Including my favorite the 78-79 OPC Hockey.

The last column above represents when the last date was that I added a card from that set. Nearly all the yellows got at least 1 new card from the set added this year.

Goals for 2013 are new to me. I’ve never really set them with my collection but here goes.

1) More blog entries – try to write a minimum of 2 posts a week.

2) No more Red on the OPC list – At least one card from every set.

3) Complete at least 5 new sets (the low hanging fruit was finished off this year). 

4) Get to at least 25% of my White Whale

5) Average at least 1 trade per month.

And most importantly..

Clean off my desk!!


Happy New Year and all the best to anyone reading this.


  1. Josh D. said:

    That Score tower looks ready to TOPPLE!

  2. 1967ers said:

    I hadn’t really realized there were that many OPC sets produced after 1992-93. I had picked up a couple here and there, but the timeline doesn’t have anywhere near the gaps I’d have thought.

    • Ya. A few years are actually quite tough to find. The one set is only as a parallel. Since upper deck bought the name it’s been pretty consistent.

      I have tons of doubles if you are up for some trading

      Happy new year.


      On 2013-01-02, at 3:21 PM, supportingtheminnow

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