Box Bottoms Totally Count – White Whale Update

I’ve had this debate before. Mostly with myself, but once with another person, on whether Box Bottoms count as part of a set.

To me it’s clear they although they do not count as part of the base set they definitely count when doing a master set.

I remember the 85-86 OPC box bottoms. It was Super Mario’s RC and you could get a neat variation on the bottom of of a box. It was the first box of cards I ever bought and I made sure to get the box with Mario on it.

For the 2012-13 OPC Set their are 2 versions of the box bottoms.

The Blaster Box bottoms consist of 2 cards and come in 3 options. They use the base card format for the cards.

I bought a blaster pack and picked this one IMG_0711[1]
becuase it had my Martin Brodeur, one of my favorite players.

The other options are Sidney Crosby & Jonathan Toews, or Alex Ovechkin & Ryan Nugent-Hopkins

The Hobby/Retail Box consists of 4 cards and comes in 4 options. They use the Retro look for these cards.

1 Sidney Crosby, Pavel Datsyuk, John Tavares, Tim Thomas
2 Alex Ovechkin, Phil Kessel, Henrik Lundqvist, Gabriel Landeskog
3 Steven Stamkos, Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, Claude Giroux, Carey Price
4 Jonathan Toews, Martin Brodeur, Evgeni Malkin, Eric Staal

2012-13 OPC Box Bottom w Crosby, Datsyuk, Tavares & Thomas

2012-13 OPC Box Bottom w Crosby, Datsyuk, Tavares & Thomas

Datsyuk is another personal fav, and the fact he is paired with Crosby made this the one to get first..although the Brodeur panel looks good as well.

Thats 2 items (or 6 cards) off The White Whale. If you can help with the other 3000 + cards missing please let me know.

1 comment
  1. tronkeft said:

    Great post thanks so much for the insight !

    I agree, that the Box Bottoms should be considered a subset for the masterset

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