Don’t look a gift dog in the mouth…

Lots of interesting things going on and lots of new cards to add to the collection. I’m at the point where pretty much all my friends bring me their old stuff and if they see something they will grab it for me.

I was pretty stoked when my friend brought me back some cards from his childhood home a few months back. It was a handful of 71-72 OPC Hockey.

Before that he had given me two storage bins of random 80’s OPC hockey (including a Gretzky RC and more).

So when he texted me to say he found some more cards at his parents house I was excited and intrigued with possibilities.

You can’t win them all though. This time it was a small grocery bag with about 100 cards. Beat up Score from 90-91 and Proset.

Not a keeper in the bunch except this one.

PSD Stryker



This is a 2nd edition card. Which means there must have been a 1st addition that someone thought was a success.

I can imagine some child found at the crime scene. Mom screaming hysterically, mom’s boyfriend in handcuffs being lead away. And then the nice police man offers him something to help him forget the trauma he has witnessed.

“Here you go son”

“Gee Thanks Officer, now all I need is Constable Smith’s special issue Retirement Party Card for the whole set!”

  1. Jeff said:

    Wonder if that card is a SP….

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