Checklists and Team Cards – Yes Please!

Yes, it has been a few weeks since my last post. That’s because I was away for work and didn’t really have anything new to share.  I was quite happy to come home a see a box on my table that was the right shape and size to be cards. And it was.

I’m not sure about you but even on a cold November day getting mail like this makes me smile.

And what was inside this lovely box?

The smiling faces of the San Francisco Giants Management team.

I’ve never really understood the penchant for baseball staff to wear uniforms. I’m sure it would look silly with them in suits in the dugout, but I’m not convince it wouldn’t e better than this. I suspect there must have been a time when it was perhaps common to have a player/manager and then they would need to be ready to go in. But I can’t picture Charlie Fox stepping up to the plate at that point in his career.

There was in total a couple hundred cards. Including this checklist.I like checklists. I know that might be an unpopular position to take, but they serve their purpose. Unmarked checklists are great for my set building, but its kinda fun to find marked ones. Sometimes I like to see what someone else was missing or had. I once had a checklist that only needed 2 cards on it. I could feel the pain of that person who was so close to completing the set. When I went to check my set I needed those 2 cards as well (still do). It was from the 77-78 OPC Hockey set. I’ve never bothered to look up images of those cards as I want the first time I see them to be when I finally get them.


More checklists/team cards.





l’m not sure how I would have felt getting these at 10 years old. Cool with the autographs? Or wasted space? I like team cards, and as mentioned I like checklists, but usually with team pictures like this.

Team photo on the front, team checklist on the back. Simple. Should be in every set of sports cards every year.




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