What $20 will get you..pt.2 The Bad Bag

I know everyone has been waiting with baited breath to see what was in bag #2 of my most recent purchase. If Bag 1 can be considered the Good of the purchase  then here it is…

The bad.

Lots of Score baseball. Woo-hoo. Did you notice the nicely stored Babe Ruth card? Yep. a .5cent card is protected. This is typical of the types of lots people sell. It’s a name they may have heard of so they think it’s worth something and protect it. Normally it’s not..and it shouldn’t be.

Within this dreck there was a total of 3 cards I did actual need for my “Not Actively Collecting” set. I don’t collect Score baseball but enough of it has come through my hands that I am putting together a hand collated set (yes I know i can get the boxed set for $5 but this is way more fun AND it forces me to look at every card in every lot I buy.)

I did find these 3 cards that I actually needed.

So put that together with the Score Hockey sets and the Upper Deck hockey I needed from bag 1 and I’m pretty happy with the overall purchase. But this second bag was definitely not the worth $20 on it’s own.

But wait. There is one more diamond in the muck. I did find this cool card.

My first Sport Flics Card. From the 1988 Set. Pretty cool card.

And then there was the rest…The really ugly stuff coming in Part 3.


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