What $20.00 will get you… pt1

I made a purchase on Kijiji the other day. It’s kinda like a garage sale, lots of people post their crap and sometimes people buy it.

I really like buying this way, but I have to stick to my rule. There must be at least one card I want/need to buy the lot. The way I look at it $20 will buy me a movie and a small drink and keep me entertained for about 2 hrs. At the end of it, I’ll have nothing to show.

This $20 spent gives me a bunch of hours of fun/enjoyment and at the end of it I’m a bit closer to my collecting goal.

I went out on a bit of a risk on this one. I could only go by the 2 photos the girl sent me. She lives north of the city so it would have sucked to drive up there and not come back with anything. I was fairly committed to coming back with it (and hey, let’s face it even raccoon poo has not deterred me in the past).

Here’s what $20 got me…

2 Bags of cards in various states (although honestly 99% were in fantastic shape).

Bag 1 consisted mostly of hockey, bag 2 baseball and basketball.

Bag 1 including:

Score 90-91 factory set. Out of boredom I had be hand collating a set from yard sale pickups, I guess now I can move that to the doubles pile as I now have this. As a bonus there was also a factory Rookie/Traded set.  There was actually 2 complete sets but I gave one to a friend already. So, pretty close to having made the $20 value already (if you consider each of these worth at least $5.00)

Also in the first bag was as stack of Upper Deck from 91-92

I personally like how the box was listed as Collection and traders. How big could the collection have been if the traders and collection were in the same box?

The Upper Deck 91-92 set is another that’s been just sitting around about 70% completed since, well, 91-92. This box did yield me about 150 cards toward the set putting me at the “almost care enough to actively seek out the last few cards” level.What I was happy to see was the SP card for this set.

This was THE CHASE card of the set, prolly on of the biggest chase cards of the year. Pretty exciting right? I was in 1st year university when this came  out and I remember going to card shows and this uninspiring, boring card was commanding $10-20. It was one of the main reasons why I decided NOT to chase short prints, or 1/1’s.  It’s nice to pick up it now though.

Also in the bag was a pile of Score Hockey from 90-91 and 91-92. Seeing as there was a factory set of the 90-91 the rest were doubles. Of the 91-92 Score I still have to go through them to see if the 3 or 4 cards I am missing were in there.

So, overall I am pretty happy with the contents of bag 1. I feel like I at least broke even on the entire purchase and still have the contents of bag 2 to go through…

Anyone interested in some Score 90-91 Hockey doubles?



  1. Gee, now all you need is the other version you don’t have ( Bi-lingual or American) and all the errors-that’s what makes collecting fun–the chase

    • I can’t tell what version it is from the box. Is there some sort of identifier I am missing? I’m going to assume that it’s the bi-lingual. It’s another conundrum I struggle with with factory boxes. I want to open them. If it was OPC I would have it all put into binders. But I just don’t have enough space to do a book for every company/set.

      • The blue box is the English version. The Bilingual version has a red box. I struggle with the same issue when it comes to opening factory sealed junk wax sets. Ultimately, my logic is that sets from this era aren’t worth much, sealed or opened.

        But I still haven’t cracked the plastic on mine. 🙂

      • ahh..cool thanks for that. Now I know. Ok. so I have the complete English version and am missing a few cards for the Bilingual.
        Stoopid Score. What a dumb marketing move that was.

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