Hardwood Conundrum – What to do with Basketball Cards

Dear Interwebs and fellow bloggers.

My preferred way to collect is by buying mixed lots on Kijiji or at garage sales. Usually when it is a mixed box it has not been picked through and you can quite often find some gems among the commons. It also gets the price per card down to an insanely low number at times that it doesn’t take many “hits” to make it work it.

If you are paying $10 for a box of cards and there are 10 old 1975 Topps cards and a few 75-76 OPC Hockey along with some random other stuff, the fun of digging through the box makes it worth it.

The down side of doing it this way is I acquire a lot of peripheral cards and  sets. Some I have an easy time moving on to others. One friend takes pretty much any non sport card, another takes the wrestling another takes racing etc etc

What I am left with then becomes a questions of  Do I have this? Do I want this? Do I want to start collecting this? Is it worth anything?

Baseball and Hockey are simple. I know what I collect and want, and I put the rest aside for trade (or in the case of 90-91 Proset Hockey disposal).

But Basketball stumps me. I’m not really a fan. I never really played as a Kid. I don’t know who the stars are or what card is good or bad. I know I could figure it out, but with Soccer, Hockey and Baseball cards as a focus I figure I have enough on the go.

I really don’t have the time or interest to research them so they go in a box marked  “other” and sit on a shelf.

In Canada we don’t get as many Basketball fans as in the USA so the box is not huge yet.

a little over 1 and a 1/2 rows of a 3200 count.

But I’d like to figure this out before it goes to much further. Who wants them? Ideally I’d find someone who will trade me for some hockey or baseball.

The bonus is that if I find someone they can have these ones and first claim on any future basketball cards that might come my way. So yes, it could be lots of 90’s stuff, but also anything I get I want a go-to person to trade with.

Are you that person? Do you know that person? if so,let me know because the few blogs or web pages I have found  of people who are collectors are either 1) way stale or b) haven’t responded.

I’m so bad with Basketball I don’t even know which cards to highlight.

Will you be my Basketball go to guy?

The first trade is ready. Everything in the box for 1 or 3 cards from my want list.

Let me know.


Desperately seeking partner.

  1. Josh D. said:

    I had this same problem. Offered big team lots for trade…only had a few takers (Bulls, Heat, Charlotte). I don’t think too many of the people who read baseball card blogs also collect basketball. You might have to post on some basketball-specific forum.

    I ended up putting a bunch of the serial-numbered cards and insert cards on Listia. Everything else I tried to sell for really cheap on craigslist. No takers. So then I just gave them away for free on craigslist. Some 11-year-olds came with their dad and were SO HAPPY to get them.


  2. Josh said:

    Hey I love 90’s basketball cards, for TTM autos. Would love a shout at stevenqbosell at gmail.com

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