Bench, Ryan, Rose, Yaz – from the Dominican Republic…

We recently opened a branch office in the Dominican Republic. You think they like baseball in the USA? You should see it down there. They love it with a passion that I’ve never seen in the USA.

It turns out that Billy, the new office manager, is a pretty cool guy so naturally we chat about a bunch of stuff. Invariably the conversation turned around to baseball and baseball cards.

Billy mentioned he used to collect when he was younger and that he might still have some kicking around.

To get him back into collecting I set him a box of newer-ish cards. New to him, old to me.

He sent back a small box that had, some 92 Topps (and about 25 older cards)

You could tell these were loved as a kid as they had dented corners, creases, nicks and tears. It was clear that Billy had actually carried these around as a kid, traded them and played topsies, knock downs or other such games with them as kids (I’ll have to ask him what they are called).
In other words they were cards with the story to them, which I prefer to hermetically sealed cards that have never seen the light of day.

Cards like these are great for me as I am not to worried about condition.

Buried in among them were the following 4 cards.

Rose, Bench, Ryan and Yaz. Not a bad set of 4 players. Again the condition on these is about a 5 of 10 but I personally need all 4 so to me they are priceless.

He mentioned he likes the Red Sox and might just start collecting them again, so I am putting together a big box of just Red Sox for him to thank him for this trade.

Lessons learned?

1) You never know who is going to have baseball cards to trade so talk to everyone about it and maybe they will be nice like Billy.

2) You can rekindle the spark of  interest in a former collector to get back into the hobby.



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