Sometimes a box of crap cards is just a box of crapped on cards

Buying cards on Kijiji or from yard sales can be really hit or miss. The most recent box I picked up was real shit. It had an actual lump of what looked like cat (or this being Ontario maybe raccoon?) feces stuck to the outside of the box.
This would have scared off less intrepid collectors, but not me. Besides it was on the outside of the box.

This box had been stored in a musty basement and gave off the aroma of  wet cardboard so my hopes were not high, but luckily the damaged cards were mostly junk wax baseball. I ended up throwing out several hundred cards, but was left with some interesting stuff.

Initial view of the box. Who can resist a binder labelled “good cards”? And ohh ahh is that a Proset hockey I see (sarcasm).

Diving down the next level was a jumbled mess.




I do like unopened packs. Even if they are just 91-92 OPC Hockey. This was one of the last sets to include gum. I could smell it throughout the box (or that could have been cat pee). Either way, not likely going to eat it.


The binders held some unusual stuff. Like 96-Wien Hockey which were new to me. There are a bunch of these.
Vietnam Highlights: I mean who doesn’t need a set of cards that includes one for “Agent Orange”

Now lest you think it was all crap. The box did include enough Topps Baseball and OPC hockey to make me want to buy it. I only offer what I would pay for the cards I want. This included.

OPC 1970 Kansas City Royals

a 1970 -71 OPC Gene Ubriaco


Whats cool about these cards are they are now my oldest OPC hockey card and my oldest any set baseball card.

Still digging through this box with some other unique finds that I will post about later but I have to stop and wash my hands as I am really thinking that smell is cat pee.




  1. Josh D. said:

    You fought through the cat pee and raccoon droppings and stale gum….but came out with a great old Royals card! Nicely done! 🙂

    • It had to be the Royals eh?
      Thought of you when i saw that. It’s an OPC version. Do you need that one?

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