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We recently opened a branch office in the Dominican Republic. You think they like baseball in the USA? You should see it down there. They love it with a passion that I’ve never seen in the USA.

It turns out that Billy, the new office manager, is a pretty cool guy so naturally we chat about a bunch of stuff. Invariably the conversation turned around to baseball and baseball cards.

Billy mentioned he used to collect when he was younger and that he might still have some kicking around.

To get him back into collecting I set him a box of newer-ish cards. New to him, old to me.

He sent back a small box that had, some 92 Topps (and about 25 older cards)

You could tell these were loved as a kid as they had dented corners, creases, nicks and tears. It was clear that Billy had actually carried these around as a kid, traded them and played topsies, knock downs or other such games with them as kids (I’ll have to ask him what they are called).
In other words they were cards with the story to them, which I prefer to hermetically sealed cards that have never seen the light of day.

Cards like these are great for me as I am not to worried about condition.

Buried in among them were the following 4 cards.

Rose, Bench, Ryan and Yaz. Not a bad set of 4 players. Again the condition on these is about a 5 of 10 but I personally need all 4 so to me they are priceless.

He mentioned he likes the Red Sox and might just start collecting them again, so I am putting together a big box of just Red Sox for him to thank him for this trade.

Lessons learned?

1) You never know who is going to have baseball cards to trade so talk to everyone about it and maybe they will be nice like Billy.

2) You can rekindle the spark of  interest in a former collector to get back into the hobby.



So there you are. Looking at all the pretty packs on the shelves of your LCS. You chose a company that has traditional not let you down. Is normally known for good photos. Paying your $2.00 or whatever for a pack of cards. Eagerly getting them home and then this.


A somewhat blurry shot of a guy in his long underwear, track pants and running shoes, pretending to take a shot on the ice in an empty arena.

You can barely read the team on the side, Silver on Silver?

His first name is not even listed.

And he is wearing white socks with black pants (didn’t all those How To Dress shows teach you anything?).

Plus his pants are too short.

Buying cards on Kijiji or from yard sales can be really hit or miss. The most recent box I picked up was real shit. It had an actual lump of what looked like cat (or this being Ontario maybe raccoon?) feces stuck to the outside of the box.
This would have scared off less intrepid collectors, but not me. Besides it was on the outside of the box.

This box had been stored in a musty basement and gave off the aroma of  wet cardboard so my hopes were not high, but luckily the damaged cards were mostly junk wax baseball. I ended up throwing out several hundred cards, but was left with some interesting stuff.

Initial view of the box. Who can resist a binder labelled “good cards”? And ohh ahh is that a Proset hockey I see (sarcasm).

Diving down the next level was a jumbled mess.




I do like unopened packs. Even if they are just 91-92 OPC Hockey. This was one of the last sets to include gum. I could smell it throughout the box (or that could have been cat pee). Either way, not likely going to eat it.


The binders held some unusual stuff. Like 96-Wien Hockey which were new to me. There are a bunch of these.
Vietnam Highlights: I mean who doesn’t need a set of cards that includes one for “Agent Orange”

Now lest you think it was all crap. The box did include enough Topps Baseball and OPC hockey to make me want to buy it. I only offer what I would pay for the cards I want. This included.

OPC 1970 Kansas City Royals

a 1970 -71 OPC Gene Ubriaco


Whats cool about these cards are they are now my oldest OPC hockey card and my oldest any set baseball card.

Still digging through this box with some other unique finds that I will post about later but I have to stop and wash my hands as I am really thinking that smell is cat pee.




Ok, these came out a few weeks ago, but I was in Ireland so I couldn’t get a pack until now.

I’ve read a bunch of other bloggers reviews which ran from “meh” to “great”.

Start with the pack.

Simply, classic design from UD. I wish OPC was stil their own Canadian company, but I guess it’s better to have the spirit live on then have it die out. Each year I wonder if it’s going to end which would both suck and also be a good thing for me as it would give my collection defined limits.

I actually bought 2 packs (each with 6 cards) and have combined the highlights here:

Commons: 4 per pack.

Not sure when Kovaklchuk started being a common. Also not sure if Quick continues playing the way he did in the playoffs that he will be a common for long.

The design is nice and simple and is how a Hockey Card should be. It does remind me of the Topps baseball set from 1973, so I guess there is not much new these days.

Obviously some small changes, but the dot with player logo is the same.


I think this is where the “meh” factor comes in. After the last few years of hits on these, this one is a miss.

Marquee Legends/Rookies:

Loved getting my favourite player Ray Bourque, but who the heck is the Marquee rookie?

Casey Cizikas? Seriously? What Marquee will he ever be on? Maybe Disney On Ice in Slovenia.

4th rnd? 92nd pick overall? How is that a star rookie? If he plays in the NHL at all it will be a shock. Stretching a bit to pad out this set aren’t we?

So that’s it. No 1 of 1’s or super short prints for me.  And 10 cards toward the set. Only 590 cards to go to complete the set.

Overall rating: Solid but ultimately bloated set that I’ll end up collecting.

PS. Anyone have a large number of commons to dump off on this set, I’m your man 🙂