Big Love for The Big Hurt

I’m a set collector, and a new baseball one at that. But even I had heard of Frank Thomas. Apparently whomever I bought my last yard sale box from was a big Frank Thomas fan. Throughout the box there seemed to be more Frank Thoma cards than anything else. If it appeared that their was only one card from a set, chances are it would be his.

Two of my favorites are this Post cereal one

and this Cracker Jack Mini version..

There was a huge trunk of Baseball cards which was filed with boxesof cards and binders and I’d keep finding pages of Big Love for The Big Hurt…

Thomas did play a season and a bit in Toronto, so I may have seen him play live (although by that time his career was pretty much on life support).

I guess if you had to collect someone than you could do worse than a 500 HR club member.


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