When the LCS is not an LCS






This monstrosity sits in the foyer of my local Canadian Tire. It has been there for as long as I have lived in my new house (about 7 years). In that time I have been to Canadian Tire hundreds of times.

I have never seen anyone ever buy anything from it. I have never even seen anyone stop and look at it. But there it sits..Some of the highlights are

Score 91-92 individual cards (but they are Gretzky!) $1.00 each

Proset Platimun 91-92 Packs $1.00

UD NFL 91 $1.00

Skybox 93-94 Basketball $2.00

Score 91-92 Hockey $2.00

Kayo Boxing  .50$

My favorite are the individual OPC cards labelled as Vintage. Showing is Harold Snepts 7-80 for 50 cents. When you look at it up close it is creased and has rounded corners.

Sometimes I am tempted to buy something, then the temptation passes. If they accepted Canadian Tire money now that would be worth it.

  1. Josh D. said:

    But the 90210 cards are only 50 cents! And they have collectibles from the latest Disney movies, like Pocahontas…

      • Josh D. said:

        That’s OK. I’d be curious who owned the machine and how well it was doing.

      • judging by the dust on some of the packs, id say not well.. Who buys a pro set 90-91 Hockey from a vending machine?

  2. 1967ers said:

    I’m curious as to what is hiding behind Harold Snepsts. There is also new hockey there (Panini stickers), so someone is loading that machine.

    Reminds the of the vending machine in our cafeteria that seems to stock only the most undesirable chips imaginable. Periodically they move them around to see whether this makes them more appealing.

    • I’ll take a look next time I go to Canadian Tire. The “vintage” cards are in poor condition. I wouldn’t expect a Gretzky or even a Gradin.
      Ya, some new stuff. Like the Euro 2012 soccer comes and gos, but the Pro Set remains…..

      • 1967ers said:

        Oh, I expect it’s equally terrible. It just appears to be a different set.

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