1975-1976 OPC 7 New Additions

This has to be one of my all time favorite sets. Such a simple and classic design. These are probably the oldest cards I can remember ever seeing as a kid in trades. Seeing as i was 4 or 5 they must have been the older brothers of someone I traded with as the “big kinds” at my public school would have been in a different yard and not likely to have been trading with me.

The cards all are clean and have good corners but are slightly off centered which doesn’t bother me to much as I don’t intend to grade the cards.


I really like that fact that one of these is from the defunct KC Scouts. And how about Billy Flett rocking the beard?

A couple of big names in Larocque, Riseborough, Park and Davisdon.

But what the heck is up with that Robin Burns card?  From a quick look at the picture I thought it was the Goalie featured, but it says left wing. So to Wiki….


In June 1974, Burns was claimed by the Kansas City Scouts in the expansion draft. He posted his best seasons with the Scouts but was phased out as the team rebuilt for their move to Colorado. In 190 regular season games Burns recorded 31 goals and 38 assists for 69 points.

And now you know.

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  1. 1967ers said:

    I remember. trading for a bunch of these around 1981. Same story – they must have belonged to someone’s older brother. For some reason, they were all Flyers and each had been glued into a scrapbook. No matter, I painstakingly removed that paper and saved most of the backs.

    I can’t be bothered with perfect centering either. Off-centering was just part of the OPC experience. OPC cards that are dead-centered look kind of fake

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