MIA – Danny Tartrabull

According to the Trading Card Database (which I love to use and review when dealing with cards) there are at least 93 different Baseball Sets that were issued in 1991(listed at bottom)

This is the heart of the junk wax era and one of the reasons why many people are not interested in collecting these cards is that they are plentiful and cheap.

Up until recently I have been a Hockey only collector and used to dump off my non hockey cards on anyone I could. With my 2 most recent yardsale purchases I have acquired a lot of baseball. (A LOT!!)  So I decided to start collecting it passively.

My rules for doing so are simple.

1) Only buy a lot of cards if there is at least 1 hockey card I actually need in the lot.

2) Sort out all the Baseball and other sport cards.

3) Collect Topps Base Sets and trade/get rid off the rest.

Collecting Topps only was a simple decision. They have the longest uninterrupted line of cards that could be collected. Plus they are the ones I remember growing up getting every once in a while mixed in with my OPC cards.

The most recent lot included a Factory set of 1991 Topps.

I know this is not much of an excitement value for others, but for me it would mark my first ever complete Baseball set.  But it was not to be. On opening the box and sorting it out I noticed 2 things.

Baseball sets are huge compared to OPC hockey sets of the era.

There was one card missing.

#90 Danny Tartabull.

Now I have never bought a factory set before (or got one in a lot I have bought) so I’m not sure if this is a common problem, Once I bought a hand collated complete set of Hockey cards with one missing. And another time with one damaged and its why I don’t buy wrapped sets anymore and prefer to collect one or two at a time.

So my start of every Topps set is off to an inauspicious start. Danny Tartabull anyone?

List of sets issued in 1991 (not including food and regional issues plus many others I am sure)

    1991 Barry Colla New York Mets Postcards
    1991 Baseball Cards Magazine ’66 Topps Replicas
    1991 Bazooka
    1991 BBM Japan
    1991 Bowman
    1991 Calbee
    1991 Classic Best
    1991 Classic Best Cedar Rapids Reds
    1991 Classic Best Charleston Wheelers
    1991 Classic Best Princeton Reds
    1991 Classic Draft Picks
    1991 Classic Game
    1991 Classic I
    1991 Classic II
    1991 Classic III
    1991 Coca-Cola/Kroger Detroit Tigers
    1991 Conlon Collection TSN
    1991 Denny’s Holograms
    1991 Donruss
    1991 Fleer
    1991 Fleer Update
    1991 Front Row Draft Picks
    1991 Jimmy Dean
    1991 Kahn’s Cincinnati Reds
    1991 Kahn’s New York Mets
    1991 Kansas City Life Kansas City Royals
    1991 Kellogg’s 3D
    1991 Kenner Starting Lineup Cards
    1991 King B Discs
    1991 Leaf
    1991 Line Drive
    1991 Line Drive AA
    1991 Line Drive AAA
    1991 Line Drive Mantle
    1991 Line Drive Mattingly
    1991 Line Drive Sandberg
    1991 MDA All-Stars
    1991 Michigan State Police Detroit Tigers
    1991 Mother’s Cookies Griffey’s
    1991 Mother’s Cookies Houston Astros
    1991 Mother’s Cookies Los Angeles Dodgers
    1991 Mother’s Cookies Oakland Athletics
    1991 Mother’s Cookies San Diego Padres
    1991 Mother’s Cookies San Francisco Giants
    1991 Mother’s Cookies Texas Rangers
    1991 Nobody Beats the Wiz New York Mets
    1991 O-Pee-Chee
    1991 O-Pee-Chee Premier
    1991 Pacific Ryan Texas Express I
    1991 Pacific Senior League
    1991 Panini Canadian Stickers
    1991 Panini Canadian Top 15
    1991 Panini Stickers
    1991 Petro Canada Montreal Expos Postcards
    1991 Post Cereal
    1991 Post Cereal Canadian
    1991 ProCards
    1991 ProCards Carolina League All-Stars
    1991 ProCards Florida State League All-Stars
    1991 ProCards Midwest League All-Stars
    1991 ProCards South Atlantic League All-Stars
    1991 ProCards Southern Oregon A’s Anniversary
    1991 ProCards Triple A All-Stars
    1991 Red Foley Stickers
    1991 Score
    1991 Score 100 Rising Stars
    1991 Score 100 Superstars
    1991 Score Rookie & Traded
    1991 Score Rookies
    1991 Sports Pro Billings Mustangs
    1991 Stadium Club
    1991 Star Frank Thomas
    1991 Star The Future
    1991 Studio
    1991 Swell Baseball Greats
    1991 Team Issue Nashville Sounds
    1991 Topps
    1991 Topps Archives 1953
    1991 Topps Cracker Jack I
    1991 Topps Cracker Jack II
    1991 Topps Debut ’90
    1991 Topps Magazine
    1991 Topps Stand-Ups
    1991 Topps Traded
    1991 Topps Triple Headers Balls
    1991 Toronto Blue Jays Fire Safety
    1991 Toys’R’Us Rookies
    1991 Ultra
    1991 Ultra Update
    1991 Upper Deck
    1991 Upper Deck Comic Ball 2
    1991 Upper Deck Final Edition
    1991 Vine Line Chicago Cubs
    1991-92 Conlon TSN Prototypes
  1. Josh D. said:

    Sadly, I only have one of those Tartabull cards so I can’t trade it away. Good luck!

    Your collecting strategy seems pretty close to mine — I love buying lots on Craigslist and from garage sales…but then I have to sort out all the riff-raff. 🙂

    • Hi Josh, It’s definitely a fun strategy. I’ve had a few offers for the Tartabull already so I should be able to close that set off. it’s not a very glamourous set for many collectors but it will be my 1st complete baseball set.

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