Sunday Morning Wrestling

Growing up my family used to travel to Niagara Falls quite often to visit family. One of the best memories of this was Sunday morning watching wrestling with my cousins (and then of course acting them out).

As my mission is to collect the complete OPC Hockey sets one yard sale at a time, I get a lot of fluff and other stuff when buying boxes. My last purchase included a lovingly put together Wrestling collection that almost filled a 3200 count box.

My favorite part was the Hostess Potato Chip WWF Sticker cards still in the origial package. MOst of them still had faint traces of potato chip on the packs and smelled like Salt & Vinegar chips. These cards were tiny (they had t o fit in a bag) and included my favorite tag team, The Killer Bees!

Included was about 35 packs of unopened 1985 Wrestlemania cards.

Along with a complete set of the cards including Hulk Hogan, Andre The Giant and all the other “stars of the time”

I’ve since outgrown wrestling but not card collecting. This collection is destined for Alaska in a trade though.


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