Junk Wax, Wrestlemania III & Michael Jordan

Getting back into card collecting has left a big hole in my collection. Luckily that hole corresponds nicely with the “Junk Wax Era” in card collecting..otherwise known as the 1990’s.

The result of this is that I will end up buying a lot like this

For not very much money. In this case it was $20.00. I really only needed about 20 cards out of the whole purchase but it has given me a few hours of enjoyment.

The highlights included an unopened box of Donruss 1989. Now Donruss 1989 is definitely not anything special. The whole set books out at just a few dollars. But it sure was fun opening the packs. I did it outside on my patio on a warm June evening and it brought me back to my childhood. The best part was just thumbing through them and not needing to put them right into top loaders or worrying about any inserts or redemptions. On the positive side I did get all the puzzle pieces for the Warren Spahn insert. And I could actually make the puzzle with no worries about value.

Today the experience of opening a foil pack is just not the same.

Apparently the person who collected was foremost a wrestling fan.

The box contained about 30 unopened Wrestlemania III OPC packs, plus several wrestling complete sets. I’ll do a separate post on those shortly.

I’ve never been a big basketball fan, so I haven’t gone through those cards in any detail yet.

But I did get this…

My first Michael Jordan Card. Value, about 25 cents.


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