Odds & Sods

One of my favorite methods of acquiring cards is to pick up boxed lots from friends, classifieds or ebay. I generally have a $20 limit on these and will buy it based on a handful of cards that I want, knowing I am going to pick up a large amount of fluff along with it.

As anyone doing this knows, these days you are ljust as ikely to get a lot of Proset 90’s or Score cards as anything else.

Every once in a while you get something rare or different or interesting. Like this….

This is a UK Issue 1978 Topps Soccer Card.

I have many other soccer cards, but this is the only one from this set I have.

Topps took over A&BC Gum in 1975, signalling the last A&BC Gum English football cards in 1974/75 and the first Topps cards in 1975/76.

The 1975/76 and 1976/77 sets were printed in the U.S., but Topps set up production in the Republic of Ireland and produced their 1977/78 and subsequent football sets from there under the name Topps Ireland Ltd. (T.I.L.). Topps produced English football cards from 1975/76 to 1980/81 only, as well as Scottish sets.

This set had 396 cards so my completion rate is .0025% but I’ll put it aside and maybe others will cross my path. My general rule is once it crosses 50% then I actively track and pursue the set. No worries about this set for a while.

Here’s the back

Here’s what I like.

Old school look mirrored the North America card layouts. Unlike baseball or hockey there just are not a lot of stats tracked in soccer so really all you get is LGE Apps ( same as GP) and DIV (where the team was at the time. For all you Man U fans please note the top line says Division 2. Yes even Man U get relegated.

For the uninitiated the last category is Goals broken down by various sub groups.

League (regular season)
FA Cup
League Cup

This would be similar to breaking down hockey goals by Playoff and Regular Season and listing both.

Best (worst?) of all is that Jimmy was Canadian! Well he was born in Canada at least. According to the back he was capped by Northern Ireland (1 goal vs Sweden in a 1982 WCQ). This problem continues today with players born in Canada playing for other teams. Owen Hargreaves, Teal Bunbury, Jonathan DeGuzman. Maybe Jimmy was the start of the trend?

After this card was issued Jimmy bounced around a bit and even spent a couple season in Canada with the Toronto Blizzard of the old NASL scoring 8 goals in 49 games.

Just a neat card to find as a soccer fan.

  1. 1967ers said:

    I’ve debated chasing some of those soccer sets from the 70s. I did the Pro Set one that came out in 1991 or so, but these have a bit of character to them and are a little bit off the beaten path.

    • The 70’s soccer set is one that I will colect passively. If any fall into my lap i’ll gladly take them, but I’m not going to go crazy searching for them.

  2. vic said:

    I’ve got 2 fill sets of these 1978UK football cards, make me an offer fro one if you like!

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