From the Beginning

The idea of collecting sports cards, (or anything for that matter) involves a concious decision to be disappointed and frustrated. There will always be that one card or set that remains elusive. The one card that is priced out of your range. The trade that doesn’t happen.

When starting a collection it’s important to set a defined goal. To simply say you collect sports cards is too simplistic. There has to be a range or a theme, otherwise the goal is too large.

I find the best way to normally start your decision is to break down what you do not want to collect. I have almost no interest in Non-sports cards. I have no interest in any cards that are not big 4 sports in North America (otherwise known as Baseball, Hockey, Football and Basketball).

I have no interest in anything that is minor league or regional. I don’t want anything limited edition or 1 of 100 (too elsuive).

I like to finish the sets, the part that anyone could do given the interest, time and determination.

There are a bizzillion card companies that exist with this criteria so it has to be narrowed down even more.

For me the priorities are Hockey, NHL sets issued by OPC from 1969 until they dissapeared in 1994. And then Upper Deck Base sets from 1990 until today. Easy Peasey. Simple.

What throws me for a loop is when I get given or find a bunch of other stuff. It’s hard not to want to complete the 1980 OPC baseball set when you get a box of random cards from a friend and 80% of the set is there.

And then you see some cool 1974 Quaker Oats WHA set which doesn’t fit your criteria but you just want to add.

If you let it you could find your scope getting bigger and bigger all the time.

So. Now that I have a bunch of Football and Basketball cards dumped on me what should I do?



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