1988-89 OPC Minis

In 1989 OPC Launched their second (and last) year of the mini cards. These came out after the regular series issue and were not as widespread. None of my friends that I can remember collected them at the time when they came out.

They are very similar to the previous year with the only way to tell them apart on the front is by looking at the edge of the picture. This set has a fuzzy edge wheras the year before had a straight edge.

The main cards in this set were of course the Gretzky and the Patrick Roy, but also the Brett Hull. Although not classified as a true RC as the regular issue from the same year by OPC gets that certification. It is still a card that came out in his first year.Image

Gretzky had just been traded to LA and is shown in his new jersey. The regular card in the full series shows him posed on the ice, this one is from the actual news conference of his trade which broke a lot of Canadians hearts.


It’s a neat little set of 46 cards including the check list.


I picked up the missing cards I needed for this set yesterday and can now cross it off my list as I continue on building my OPC sets.


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